rs. Claus's caring and sensitive nature around the children was wonderful to watch. She brought the true spirit of Christmas into the "Magic Yard" and all the children has a blast!

Barbara Diner, Owner/Director
Magic Yard Child Care

he lights dimmed.....there was silence......suddenly there was a spot light.... Enter "Fairy Grandmother"! The children's eyes got bigger, and the adult audience was in awe...A real "Fairy Grandmother"! This was the scene at the banquet for the ALTRUSA International District Eleven Conference.

hirley read a short story to a group of children, and her interactions with both the boys as well as the girls took you to fantasy land. The audience, as well as the children, hung onto every word as she read. The spot light went out and poof....... she was gone as quickly as she had arrived..........was the "Fairy Grandmother" really there? Only the fairy dust left behind tells you it was real.

Beau Stocking, Governor, District Eleven
ALTRUSA International, Inc.


r. Rogers can finally pass the baton! Shirley is a true life phenomenon as the quintessential Fairy Grandmother. Wave your wand and bestow the gift of power to one and all.

China Rose, Feng Shui Master


hat a "gift" Shirley brings to the children as a Fairy Grandmother. Her "Talking Stick" produces many surprises.

Barbara Butler, Producer/Director


hirley is one of the most committed students I've ever worked with. She brings a smile and generous spirit to do her best. I am honored to know her and be her teacher.

Elizabeth Gamza, Acting Coach


s a professional event planner, I can tell you that the Fairy Grandmother has been a HUGE hit with my clients who have been fortunate enough to have Shirley at their events. The children love her and the parents want to hire her full time! If you want an original experience that your little guests will remember for a lifetime, please contact Shirley soon. You won't regret it!

Lisa Morgan, Owner, Opulent Events

atching Shirley as the Fairy Grandmother was a magical moment in the lives of our students. They sat mesmerized as she read to them, and the inter-action was great. In the end, the students couldn't wait for a hug. It was smiles all around.

Wendy Freitag-Glass
Dixie Canyon Elementary School Library

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